We had another rehearsal today.  Much of the time is spent running heads and making sure we know the basic road map of the tunes, but on a few we were able to open up and just play.  On the one hand, perhaps improvised music is better after noon…on the other hand I am reminded of what great vehicles these tunes and melodies are for us.  Tristano’s aesthetic is so rich with rhythmic and melodic launching pads it’s hard not to be affected positively by it.

morning rehearsal

morning rehearsal

We were joined by vocalist and snappy dresser Dave Rizer for a run through of Marionette.  As I knew he would, Dave took on the challenge of learning a very very difficult melody and is grooving hard in his typically swinging style.  In addition to being a totally individual artist and guy, he has become a ubiquitous figure, camera in hand, on the KC jazz scene.  There are a wealth of clips from many KC artists on his youtube page and on facebook.  Many thanks to Mr. Rizer.

Also, I am very happy to report that Matt Otto is feeling better and we will be joining us for much of the night on Thursday.  See you at the Blue Room January 23rd 7-11pm!

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