I think it’s important to acknowledge the skill and dedication of the members of Crosscurrent.  There are so many notes to learn and potential pot holes to avoid when playing Tristano’s music or music in his style.  It’s this challenge that makes it fun I hope, but I can’t say enough about the guys in the band.  These are inspiring, hard working, talented, committed musicians that are into it for all the right reasons.  It’s like some cruel joke that a drummer would found a Lennie Tristano band…I don’t have to learn these melodies.  I really can’t take credit for anything other than surrounding myself with amazing musicians.  We’ll see you at The Blue Room January 23rd 7-11pm.  -Sam

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1 Response to Notes

  1. rkoler says:


    I have received this e-mail sent here to me in Australia.

    I won’t be able to come to this event, but I am very interested

    in the musicians involved – particularly Matt Otto. I have sent

    a separate e-mail to Matt’s e-mail.

    I have been a life-long fan of Lenny Tristano music and followed

    the music and careers (and recordings) of Lee Konitz, and Warne Marsh.


    Rick Koler

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